.... I'm Roger

Le Soldat

Agora Gallery
530 west 25th street
10001 NEW YORK
25 th Annual
The Chelsea International Fine Art Compétition

16 Août___________5 Septembre 2013

C’est moi Roger.
Roger, le soldat mort à la guerre.
Ils m’ont accroché au mur blanc de cette galerie. Depuis, j’attends.
Les lèvres closes,
les yeux avides,
j’attends qu’ils me parlent.

Alain Millerand
Septembre 2013


Texte galerie_______

The oil on canvas works of French artist Alain Millerand explore archetypal landscapes, metaphysical riddles and human figuration in metamorphoses. Deeply devoted to his craft, the artist says that, “run away wishes and the practice of art history have put painting at the center of my life.” Often with an almost portraiture-like effect, Millerand’s works are immersive and appealing yet elusive, always exploring the residues of the organic body and the unequivocal instincts of the mind.
Joyce Asper


Olivia Rosenkrantz